What we do

-Manage presence in social networking sites
-Brand advocacy
-Community outreach
-Create unique content

-Curate content
-Create social media strategy
-Create budgets for social media activities-Plan/manage social media campaign
-Manage day to day online activities

-Post and comment on relevant blogs/profiles/listings
-Seed content into social networks
-Write editorial content
-Create and upload videos

-Engage in conversations and answer questions/consulting
-Measure the results of social media programs
-Analyze and evaluate campaigns and strategies
-Report on effectiveness of campaigns

-Monitor trends
-Monitor activities of main competitors
-Monitor social space for brand and related topics and conversations
-Work with other marketing branches to integrate different activities
-Create and maintain social media editorial calendar and posting schedule

-Manage change and adopt social media into the corporate culture
-Updating and Managing your Social Media Profiles
-On-going Monitoring of your Online Presence
-Research & Build Targeted Base of followers, friends, fans and connections


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