Cure content blindness by being memorable

What is content blindness? It is the inability to consume the vast amount of content that is being produced daily on all the social platform streams. In order for your brand to stand out from the crowd and build an audience of loyal customers your content needs to be; optimized, persistent, helpful, authentic, relevant, visual, consistent, tell a story and reflect human experience. There is a fine balance between creativity and strategy. This video is an exceptional insight into content marketing and authorship.

Creating Valuable Connections to Your Customers Online and Off


In the real world and online, your customers and potential customers connect the same way you do: Family, friends, hobbies, places and businesses/product they use. People want information in order to learn something new, to be inspired, for convenience and to make them smile. People share information to make life easier, build relationships and help others. Just as you do at your place of business, shape your approach and online content based on those insights and your company will create quality engagement with positive results.

How to tackle Facebook Marketing

#1. Create and post content to domains you own #2. Build email lists #3. Optimize your blog or website for search engines #4. Build followers and tribes on other social media channels source:


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