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Cure content blindness by being memorable

What is content blindness? It is the inability to consume the vast amount of content that is being produced daily on all the social platform streams. In order for your brand to stand out from the crowd and build an audience of loyal customers your content needs to be; optimized, persistent, helpful, authentic, relevant, visual, consistent, tell a story and reflect human experience. There is a fine balance between creativity and strategy. This video is an exceptional insight into content marketing and authorship.

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Social success with authentic branding!

Social Media platforms provide several avenues for your customers to find solid reasons to believe in you and your brand. You can focus on what they really want and how you can give it to them through various methods. No matter which platforms you choose, be genuine and consistent in your values, insights and products at every point of contact your customers have with you online for social success!user

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Cover Dimensions for top 4 Social Platforms

Here are the G+, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter cover dimensions. Cover photos are prime real estate in Social Media Marketing. Almost 50% of Social feed content today are photos and visual content. Be creative and attention-grabbing with the images you are using to promote your brand.





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Being Your Own Best Marketing Strategy


Be real. Open up. Share your stories good and bad.

Be grateful and humble. Tell stories about who you are, what interests you,  how your passions and business began, the struggles, the accomplishments, the people who helped and mentored you, the goals you have.

Be relatable. Sounds simple enough. Don’t put on fronts, we all go through the same things in life. Surround yourself and your business with talented people. Create a supportive team who share in your success as well as your disappointments.

Be genuine. Let your followers, friends and potential customers know you are excited to meet them and know who they are.

Be socially strategic. Utilize all the various platforms available to you and your brand. Plan marketing concepts that will universally appeal to your followers, friends, family and potential customers.

Be thoughtful. Make others feel good and important to you and your business.

Be loyal. Engage with and respond to your followers, friends and potential customers when they ask a question, have an issue or comment on a post. Like their activities and share in their interests.

Be creative. Use nostalgia, humor, inspiration, what is popular and trending or informational. Your content should always be timeless and yet fresh at the same time. Keep your eye on what is popular and trending and tie into what your brand is representing.

Be reliable.  Develop content people can count on each week. This an approach many television programs take. It is effective as it gives people something to look forward to and can create a reliable following for your brand.


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Creating Valuable Connections to Your Customers Online and Off

In the real world and online, your customers and potential customers connect the same way you do: Family, friends, hobbies, places and businesses/product they use. People want information in order to learn something new, to be inspired, for convenience and to make themImage smile. People share information to make life easier, build relationships and help others. Just as you do at your place of business, shape your approach and online content based on those insights and your company will create quality engagement with positive results.

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How your website looks on ALL the tiny glowing screens effects conversions

Over 90% of people visiting your website are accessing it with several different types of mobile devices. They will not stay if what they want cannot be found or seen automatically.  Make sure you can help them solve a problem, or get to your product or services instantly.

If you are not sure how your website looks on different devices here are 3 great tools I have found to help you maintain a well designed, responsive, user friendly experience for your readers and customers.

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How to tackle Facebook Marketing

#1. Create and post content to domains you own
#2. Build email lists
#3. Optimize your blog or website for search engines
#4. Build followers and tribes on other social media channels
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Tell a great story and earn your followers

It isn’t just about pictures of cats, dogs or food anymore. Embrace social media and tell a great story. Your customers/fans/friends will appreciate you.


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